Lawless Apple Pear Kiwi

Flawless uses there unfaltering techniques to bring you an outstanding line of wild lawless flavors. Lawless Apple Pear Kiwi is a complex fruity blend with a sweet yet refreshing taste, consisting of crisp, succulent and delectable apples, pears and kiwis!

This Product Features:

100 mL Bottles
VG to PG ratio:70/30

My thoughts

I am not a big fan of pear at all so I handed this on off to my girlfriend and I am sure she will fill you in with a comment.


Flavor profile as follows.

Flavor Description: QUIK is the most refined version of a Strawberry Malted Milk Wayne has created. Sweet juicy strawberry blended into a soft and creamy malted milk. The vape oozes with flavor and has a thick, rich, and soft mouthfeel perfect for flavor heads, as well as cloud chasers. Delicious right off a shake, but best after 3-4 days.

This one is exactly as it claims. I like it so much I have mixed all the concentrates and have them steeping so at any time I have a bottle ready.