Purge Mods Redeemer Squonk Mod

Make sure you know battery safety and Ohm’s Law before trying a mech mod of any kind. 

After my TOPSIDE SE took a shit, I needed to find a mod in stock that would allow me to make it home with what I had in the car. (4x – 21700 batteries, a Recurve single obviously set up to squonk and the build that was in it.)

I could have just bought another complete setup but I have tons of this stuff laying around already. Although the Purge is a 20700 mod, a 21700 will fit although they can be a pain in the ass to remove.  I have attached a few pics of the one I chose and if you are in the Ashland Ky area check out Prying Eyes Vapes

These were the ones they had in stock at the time and for $99.00 I didn’t think that was bad at all.

Prying Eyes Vapes Ashland, KY

Even if this thing is very boxy, I am enjoying its compact size. I chose the zombie green one and it performed pretty well with the recurve that I had with me at the time.



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