Ultrasonic Cleaning Atomizers

I should start this out by saying I have a very addictive personality. Since I have quit smoking I have really gotten into vaping. After doing some research I decided to get an Ultrasonic cleaner for my atomizers. I did see a few videos on youtube and eventually decided to order one for jewelry from Amazon. Overall it seems to work really well with one exception. I would NOT run my drip tips through any ultrasonic cleaner. I was really lucky and only one looks like it was bleached out. The resin tips do not seem to have this issue but I would not take the chance.






18650 Battery Rewrapping

Last weekend (6/1/2019) I noticed that a few of my battery wraps were getting damaged around the edges. After further inspection, I noticed that the hard cases I was transporting them in was the problem. I have thought about using a silicone sleeve, but most of the time they are in my front pocket and I prefer a hard case for the extra protection.

18650 case sharp edges


I have since cut a piece of foam to insulate the 18650’s from bashing against the top and bottom of the cases.

Battery Case Padded
Padded 18650 Case

I went ahead and started searching for the battery wraps locally. I was surprised that only a few shops offered to wrap them for free, but they did not sell them for you to put on yourself.  Before anyone says Amazon… I didn’t need 200+ assorted battery wraps. This ended up being a lot more difficult than I  thought. We searched several stores in the area and finally found one that had them and actually had a lot of designs to choose from. I picked several which you will see in the pictures.

This is not difficult at all to do. you will need the following.

  • Batteries
  • Wraps
  • Hairdryer
  • Flat surface

That is literally all you need. Put the wraps on the battery making sure there is a little more towards the positive post so the basket will be covered once they start shrinking. Should look something like this.

Make sure the insulator is in place on the positive post and hold it until the wrap secures it on top of the battery. Do not stay in one spot for an extended period of time and make sure to work the hairdryer along with the wrap until it has adhered to the battery. Once you have made it to the bottom and it has taken the shape of the battery. I pushed the bottom of the battery on a flat surface to make sure the wrap was as thin as it could be to keep it from getting caught on some mods.

While these look cool they seem a lot thinner than all the rest of the wraps.

I even wrapped one of my girlfriends 21700’s just because she liked the wrap.

The clear wraps were really nice and thicker than most of the others.

These were my first ones and you can tell I had a little too much towards the positive post. Not that big of a deal in my case because they still work in all my mods.

These are the thickest wraps that I have put on so far probably because they came from the Hobby shop. I cut them 2 7/8’s ish long and keep in mind they take a little longer to heat up but once they are done in my opinion they should last a very long time. These cells were given to me a while ago and I just use them for my coil testing setup.