Flavor profile as follows.

Flavor Description: QUIK is the most refined version of a Strawberry Malted Milk Wayne has created. Sweet juicy strawberry blended into a soft and creamy malted milk. The vape oozes with flavor and has a thick, rich, and soft mouthfeel perfect for flavor heads, as well as cloud chasers. Delicious right off a shake, but best after 3-4 days.

This one is exactly as it claims. I like it so much I have mixed all the concentrates and have them steeping so at any time I have a bottle ready.

DIY E-Liquid?

After watching countless videos on Youtube and reading massive amounts of information on the internet I have decided to make my own e-liquid. In Ohio, they are instituting a .10 per ML tax and I usually buy all my juices in 100-120ML bottles so this should pay off pretty quickly. I was a little overwhelmed when watching everyone and the initial investment that this was going to cost. What if I ordered all of these different flavorings and it tasted like dirt?

Getting started with my amazon shopping list as follows. I decided to use 30ML bottles at first just to get a feel of what I am doing. I would hate to trash a bunch of ingredients while just getting my feet wet.

I still needed nicotine and amazon, unfortunately, does not offer nicotine. I found liquid barn and used them for the following.

Flavor Shots are the easiest way for me to get started. Just add your nicotine, VG, and PG to your flavor shot and with a little steeping time you will be good to go.

Find a good online mixing calculator, I use mixejuice.com and follow the recipe. I’ve got my recipe and all of my materials here so, it is now time to mix. Please use caution while handling nicotine it can absorb through your skin. I only use gloves when adding nicotine.

The syringes make it much easier to ensure amounts are more precise when measuring. I also cleaned up the digital scale that I used to use for reloading and it is my preferred way to mix.

Now it is time to wait for my Quik, Ripe Strawberry, Fried Ice Cream and Moon Sugar to steep a few days and see what we ended up with. I went ahead and cleaned out space in the top of the closet to store all my ingredients and nicotine. Not that we have any little ones running around but you can never be too safe. As you can see from the image below I have found a use for those vapetins.