Zeus X 25MM RTA by Geek Vape

Here are my thoughts on the Zeus X 25 mm RTA after months of use and I must say this is a solid RTA.

I would recommend this RTA it is very close in flavor to the Kylin II although a little airy in my opinion.

  • Easy to build on
  • Smoothe draw
  • Great flavor
  • Comes with a 4.5ML (bubble) and a 3.5ML (straight) glass tanks.
  • *CON drinks juice
  • *CON the AFC ring comes off sometimes when refilling.
  • *CON I have had the o ring under the top AFC come off when cleaning.
  • *CON A little airy for me

As you can see I have been using this RTA and did not take pictures before I knocked it over on the table and broke the bubble glass.

ZEUS X Broken Bubble Glass
ZEUS X Broken Bubble Glass

Hellvape X Mike Vapes Rebirth 25MM RTA

Great flavor from this RTA. I am going to have to put it up there with the Kylin as far as flavor and denseness of the vapor. It has a somewhat restricted air flow which I really like. I emailed Hellvape 7.7.2019 over a top cap and an airflow issues I was having. 7/8/2019 they replied back and pretty much asked if I had put it together properly. The issue is the top cap is just way to loose and the air flow control ring will move down to the base. I have replicated this on multiple mods. I have shelved this RTA because in its current state it is not carryable. If you are looking at this tank I would recommend going to a brick and mortar and checking the tolerances before picking one up.

Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues
Rebirth RTA AFC Issues


  • Flavor
  • 1/2 turn to fill top cap
  • Leak-resistant
  • 810 drip tip with a 510 adapter
  • Coil Cutting tool


  • Airflow is loose I had to replace the o-ring on mine and it still falls down on my mod.
  • The top cap o-ring had to be replaced before it was somewhat usable.
  • No prebuilt coils
  • Shared lead space. Although I knew this RTA was set up like this I still do not like it when trying to use SS builds.
Vapetin July 2019

Vandy Vape Kylin V2 24MM RTA

Here are my thoughts on the Kylin II Rta after months of use and I must say this is a solid RTA.

I would highly recommend this RTA.

  • Awesome flavor
  • Smoothe airflow even though it can be a little noisy
  • Top fill which also made it to the cons
  • Comes with a coil cutting tool
  • *Con – Top fill marking is very hard to see
  • *Con – Air flow control is a little loose for my liking however it does tighten up when on a mod
  • *Con – Took some practice to wick correctly
  • *Con – Quick fill can be a pain when using the short fat bottles with unicorn tips. You could always just remove the drip tip and fill it up.
  • *Con –  After using mine a few months the top seems a little loose. While it is not leaking the side to side wobble seems a little excessive. It will open in your pocket the slide mechanism is loose like previously mentioned.

Goon 25MM RDA

My thoughts on the Goon 25MM are as follows.

  • Great flavor and clouds
  • Great machining
  • Deep juice well
  • Coils will need to be bent down to get the maximum amount of air flowing across them.
  • Easy to build on but the clamps constantly get in the way while trying to get the legs of the coil in place.
  • Can be used in single (no idea why you would want to) and a dual coil modes
  • *Con – No 510 drip tip adapter
  • *Con – Barrel free spins no hard stops. Honestly, have no idea why companies are still making atomizers like this anymore.
  • *Con – Hard to grip to adjust the airflow and the Ultum airflow control is hard to see and just seems really cheap.
  • *Con – For the price, this just seems cheaply made
  • *Con – Only comes in black and stainless

Goon 25MM & American Pie


Occula RDA By Twisted Messes & Augvape

My thoughts on this RDA are as follows. I was torn on whether to purchase it or not but since it came in my May 2019 VapeTin I had to give it a try.

  • Gold plated 510 can be used on a hybrid mod.
  • Very nice texture on the cap, but it could be a little better it can slip in your fingers when adjusting the air flow.
  • The logo looks very nice and does not take away from the addy.
  • The Bell is slightly curved and has hard stops in either direction. I have no idea why more companies do not incorporate hard stops on their RDA’s.
  • Single or dual coil. I have no idea why you would want to run this in a single coil configuration. 
  • 5.5-6mm deep juice well
  • The Deck has an awesome clamp system that is captive with hex, Phillips, or flat head screws that makes it extremely easy to put your coils in.
  • *Con – The airflow holes are a little low for squonking, but you could do it if you were careful.
  • *Con – Airflow can be somewhat finicky and whistle.
  • *Con – Does not come with a 510 drip tip adapter or coils.
  • *Con – 810 drip tip while it looks very nice it sits very low and will get hot when chain vaping or vaping at high wattages with low ohm builds.
  • *Con -The O rings are very tight.