Vandy Vape Kylin V2 24MM RTA

Here are my thoughts on the Kylin II Rta after months of use and I must say this is a solid RTA.

I would highly recommend this RTA.

  • Awesome flavor
  • Smoothe airflow even though it can be a little noisy
  • Top fill which also made it to the cons
  • Comes with a coil cutting tool
  • *Con – Top fill marking is very hard to see
  • *Con – Air flow control is a little loose for my liking however it does tighten up when on a mod
  • *Con – Took some practice to wick correctly
  • *Con – Quick fill can be a pain when using the short fat bottles with unicorn tips. You could always just remove the drip tip and fill it up.
  • *Con –  After using mine a few months the top seems a little loose. While it is not leaking the side to side wobble seems a little excessive. It will open in your pocket the slide mechanism is loose like previously mentioned.

Goon 25MM RDA

My thoughts on the Goon 25MM are as follows.

  • Great flavor and clouds
  • Great machining
  • Deep juice well
  • Coils will need to be bent down to get the maximum amount of air flowing across them.
  • Easy to build on but the clamps constantly get in the way while trying to get the legs of the coil in place.
  • Can be used in single (no idea why you would want to) and a dual coil modes
  • *Con – No 510 drip tip adapter
  • *Con – Barrel free spins no hard stops. Honestly, have no idea why companies are still making atomizers like this anymore.
  • *Con – Hard to grip to adjust the airflow and the Ultum airflow control is hard to see and just seems really cheap.
  • *Con – For the price, this just seems cheaply made
  • *Con – Only comes in black and stainless

Goon 25MM & American Pie


Occula RDA By Twisted Messes & Augvape

My thoughts on this RDA are as follows. I was torn on whether to purchase it or not but since it came in my May 2019 VapeTin I had to give it a try.

  • Gold plated 510 can be used on a hybrid mod.
  • Very nice texture on the cap, but it could be a little better it can slip in your fingers when adjusting the air flow.
  • The logo looks very nice and does not take away from the addy.
  • The Bell is slightly curved and has hard stops in either direction. I have no idea why more companies do not incorporate hard stops on their RDA’s.
  • Single or dual coil. I have no idea why you would want to run this in a single coil configuration. 
  • 5.5-6mm deep juice well
  • The Deck has an awesome clamp system that is captive with hex, Phillips, or flat head screws that makes it extremely easy to put your coils in.
  • *Con – The airflow holes are a little low for squonking, but you could do it if you were careful.
  • *Con – Airflow can be somewhat finicky and whistle.
  • *Con – Does not come with a 510 drip tip adapter or coils.
  • *Con – 810 drip tip while it looks very nice it sits very low and will get hot when chain vaping or vaping at high wattages with low ohm builds.
  • *Con -The O rings are very tight.

May 2019 VapeTins


My first VapeTin arrived and I decided to share its contents with anyone who may be interested on the interwebs. I must say that I am very impressed and would highly recommend them if you are looking into a monthly or just a onetime assortment of E-liquids and/or hardware. If you are interested please follow this link. My subscription is setup up just like this (VapeTins Signature Tin – Flavor Preference: Fruits, Desserts, Candy, Beverages Hardware Preference: RDA, RTA Accessories: Cotton, Handmade Coils) and for the month of May, I received the following items. Please note that I have changed my shipping dates and will receive June’s tin around the 18th of the month.

First of all, I was shocked that when I looked at the packing list to find a handwritten message that said, ” Welcome to the Family and Thank You.” Very few companies do this anymore.

May’s Contents were as follows. I linked some of the items just to get a rough value of the tin. 

The total cost of the VapeTin was $76.98 delivered to my door. While the retail value from the links (where applicable) added up to $82.95 which does not include a few of the items (see pics below), tax, or shipping costs. Not to mention I can always find a use for a decent tin and I really like getting the new flavors to try out. Overall I am impressed with May’s tin and will be reviewing the E-liquids very soon. I do wish there was a way to prefer finishes on the hardware or mods, I understand that they could not allow you to only pick one finish, but I honestly don’t see my self ever wanting a seven-color anything.

May 2019 VapeTin
May 2019 VapeTin
MAY2019-60ML of Simple E-Fruit Passion Fruit Coconut and Pineapple
60ML of Simple E-Fruit Passion Fruit Coconut and Pineapple

2019 May VapeTins Signature Tin