August 2019 VapeTin


August’s VapeTin has arrived and I decided to share its contents with anyone who may be interested on the interwebs. I must say that I am very impressed and would highly recommend VapeTins if you are looking into a monthly or just a onetime assortment of E-liquids and/or hardware. August was the first month I have received an RTA since changing my hardware preference. If you are interested please follow this link. My subscription is setup up just like this (VapeTins Signature Tin – 3MG Flavor Preference: Fruits, Desserts, Candy, Beverages, Staff Pick Hardware Preference: RTA Accessories: Cotton, Staff Pick Recurring Order: Every 1 Month(s) and for the month of August, I received the following items.

August’s Contents were as follows. I linked some of the items just to get a rough value of the tin. 

The total cost of the VapeTin was $81.98 delivered to my door. While the retail value from the links (where applicable) added up to $91.92 which does not include a few of the items (see pics below), tax, or shipping costs. Not to mention I can always find a use for a decent tin and I really like getting the new flavors to try out. Overall I am impressed with August’s tin and will be reviewing the E-liquids very soon. I do wish there was a way to prefer finishes on the hardware or mods, I understand that they could not allow you to only pick one finish, but I honestly don’t see my self ever wanting a seven-color anything.

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