Make sure you know battery safety and Ohm’s Law before trying a mech mod of any kind. 

After purchasing the Purge Redeemer Squonk I decided I was in need of another 21700 mech mod. After checking a few vape stores to see what they had in stock, per their recommendation, (over the Mage and the Bonza Kit) I chose the MECHLYFE ARCLESS.


  • Button seems to work loose over time
  • Resin sleeve seems a little slick. They will be offering replacement sleeves to allow you to change the look/materials the sleeve is made of.
  • Only comes with one Delrin piece that holds the switch/spring in place.
  • When you sit the mod down it seems to rest on the button. Not enough weight to fire it but it is still a little annoying and could tip over .
  • The grooves cut into the base and can irritate your fingers while firing it.


  • Good threading
  • The button is very smooth, but it also seems a little mushy
  • Hits very well
  • Comes with a matching drip tip and resin fire button
  • Comes with two spare springs
  • Comes with an additional silver-plated contact
  • Insulated battery sleeve/liner
  • Constant Contact
  • Claims a voltage drop of .43
  • Price

This mod will not be my daily driver as the Delrin seems to want to constantly start to cross-thread and in my mind seems to be a major weakness. For the price of Delrin, it would seem that they could have thrown a spare in the package.