1994 COLEMAN CEDAR XL From Scratch Roof Rebuild.

This is the material and the process I used. Your mileage may vary and if you have done something similar please share. This was one of the most challenging projects that I have attempted in a while. I have attached some pics below of the finished outer roof. While we are a ways from completing this project it is under roof and will allow me to leave it popped up so I can work on it in the evenings.  These pics were taken after a week of rain and as you can see I have no signs of leaks.


Back to the roof.  I used 2×2’s to frame it up then I covered it with SurePly. SurePly is very dense and is already primed so it was very easy to coat. To weatherproof it I used 2 coats / 1 gallon of FlexSeal and it seems to be doing the trick at the moment. I will keep this post updated so you can see how it holds up over time. I really cannot wait to get it insulated and get the ceiling up. I will also be adding an air conditioner in the very near future.











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  1. Insulated and putting the ceiling up now. This little camper has not leaked a drop since we have coated it and we have even spent a few weekends in it at temperatures as low a 32 degrees without any issues. This roof rebuild, if it holds up has extended our camping season a lot for a pop-up. Here is how we made the brackets for the light fixtures. Ceiling light mounting 1 Lights mounted and ceiling going up after insulation Ceiling starting to go up Finally the last board going up on the ceiling. I have some wood puttying to do and a little painting but overall I am pretty pleased with the way this has come out. Last board installation

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