Their description is as follows.

EZ Dripper Bottle is a pump bottle for your EZ Dripper. It’s specially designed to provide you the easiest way to refill your atomizer. With a pump or two, your atomizer is ready to use. Now you can have more bottles with different flavors of e-juice to carry with you.

*Does not include Ez Dripper mount kit

*Please do not use DIY or Acidic Juices


As you can see by the images below I have been using some of my own mixes and they are a 70/30 PG/VG. The one I was sent seems to seeps liquid from where the bottom meets the cylindar on the bottom and the follower does not seem to move. While it seems to work ok the leaking is driving me nuts. I am still using it at this time and maybe in search of a nicer setup if anyone is using anything like this.


EZ Dripper

Follower above the liquid

Redbird by Bluebird E-Liquid

Flavor profile as follows.

Strawberry, Cheesecake, Frosted Cereal Crust.

My thoughts are as follows.

This is one of the best cheesecake vapes I have had to date. The cereal is really good and the strawberry is very light. Overall this is a good vape but I probably wouldn’t run out to buy another bottle.


Flavor profile as follows.

Flavor Description: QUIK is the most refined version of a Strawberry Malted Milk Wayne has created. Sweet juicy strawberry blended into a soft and creamy malted milk. The vape oozes with flavor and has a thick, rich, and soft mouthfeel perfect for flavor heads, as well as cloud chasers. Delicious right off a shake, but best after 3-4 days.

This one is exactly as it claims. I like it so much I have mixed all the concentrates and have them steeping so at any time I have a bottle ready.

August 2019 VapeTin


August’s VapeTin has arrived and I decided to share its contents with anyone who may be interested on the interwebs. I must say that I am very impressed and would highly recommend VapeTins if you are looking into a monthly or just a onetime assortment of E-liquids and/or hardware. August was the first month I have received an RTA since changing my hardware preference. If you are interested please follow this link. My subscription is setup up just like this (VapeTins Signature Tin – 3MG Flavor Preference: Fruits, Desserts, Candy, Beverages, Staff Pick Hardware Preference: RTA Accessories: Cotton, Staff Pick Recurring Order: Every 1 Month(s) and for the month of August, I received the following items.

August’s Contents were as follows. I linked some of the items just to get a rough value of the tin. 

The total cost of the VapeTin was $81.98 delivered to my door. While the retail value from the links (where applicable) added up to $91.92 which does not include a few of the items (see pics below), tax, or shipping costs. Not to mention I can always find a use for a decent tin and I really like getting the new flavors to try out. Overall I am impressed with August’s tin and will be reviewing the E-liquids very soon. I do wish there was a way to prefer finishes on the hardware or mods, I understand that they could not allow you to only pick one finish, but I honestly don’t see my self ever wanting a seven-color anything.

Zeus X 25MM RTA by Geek Vape

Here are my thoughts on the Zeus X 25 mm RTA after months of use and I must say this is a solid RTA.

I would recommend this RTA it is very close in flavor to the Kylin II although a little airy in my opinion.

  • Easy to build on
  • Smoothe draw
  • Great flavor
  • Comes with a 4.5ML (bubble) and a 3.5ML (straight) glass tanks.
  • *CON drinks juice
  • *CON the AFC ring comes off sometimes when refilling.
  • *CON I have had the o ring under the top AFC come off when cleaning.
  • *CON A little airy for me

As you can see I have been using this RTA and did not take pictures before I knocked it over on the table and broke the bubble glass.

ZEUS X Broken Bubble Glass
ZEUS X Broken Bubble Glass