Make sure you know battery safety and Ohm’s Law before trying a mech mod of any kind. 

After purchasing the Purge Redeemer Squonk I decided I was in need of another 21700 mech mod. After checking a few vape stores to see what they had in stock, per their recommendation, (over the Mage and the Bonza Kit) I chose the MECHLYFE ARCLESS.


  • Button seems to work loose over time
  • Resin sleeve seems a little slick. They will be offering replacement sleeves to allow you to change the look/materials the sleeve is made of.
  • Only comes with one Delrin piece that holds the switch/spring in place.
  • When you sit the mod down it seems to rest on the button. Not enough weight to fire it but it is still a little annoying and could tip over .
  • The grooves cut into the base and can irritate your fingers while firing it.


  • Good threading
  • The button is very smooth, but it also seems a little mushy
  • Hits very well
  • Comes with a matching drip tip and resin fire button
  • Comes with two spare springs
  • Comes with an additional silver-plated contact
  • Insulated battery sleeve/liner
  • Constant Contact
  • Claims a voltage drop of .43
  • Price

This mod will not be my daily driver as the Delrin seems to want to constantly start to cross-thread and in my mind seems to be a major weakness. For the price of Delrin, it would seem that they could have thrown a spare in the package.

Slotter Pop

Flavor profile as follows.

Just in time for a hot day on the boardwalk or hanging out with friends by the poolside, Slotter Pop is an iced berry flavor reminiscent of a summer popsicle.


My thoughts are as follows.

It tastes exactly like a Rocket Pop to me. My girlfriend says it tastes like it has more blue raspberry than the other flavors that are in a Rocket Pop. We both agree it does not have the lemon pledge taste you find in a lot of other similar flavor profiles.


Purge Mods Redeemer Squonk Mod

Make sure you know battery safety and Ohm’s Law before trying a mech mod of any kind. 

After my TOPSIDE SE took a shit, I needed to find a mod in stock that would allow me to make it home with what I had in the car. (4x – 21700 batteries, a Recurve single obviously set up to squonk and the build that was in it.)

I could have just bought another complete setup but I have tons of this stuff laying around already. Although the Purge is a 20700 mod, a 21700 will fit although they can be a pain in the ass to remove.  I have attached a few pics of the one I chose and if you are in the Ashland Ky area check out Prying Eyes Vapes

These were the ones they had in stock at the time and for $99.00 I didn’t think that was bad at all.

Prying Eyes Vapes Ashland, KY

Even if this thing is very boxy, I am enjoying its compact size. I chose the zombie green one and it performed pretty well with the recurve that I had with me at the time.



Lawless Apple Pear Kiwi

Flawless uses there unfaltering techniques to bring you an outstanding line of wild lawless flavors. Lawless Apple Pear Kiwi is a complex fruity blend with a sweet yet refreshing taste, consisting of crisp, succulent and delectable apples, pears and kiwis!

This Product Features:

100 mL Bottles
VG to PG ratio:70/30

My thoughts

I am not a big fan of pear at all so I handed this on off to my girlfriend and I am sure she will fill you in with a comment.


Their description is as follows.

EZ Dripper Bottle is a pump bottle for your EZ Dripper. It’s specially designed to provide you the easiest way to refill your atomizer. With a pump or two, your atomizer is ready to use. Now you can have more bottles with different flavors of e-juice to carry with you.

*Does not include Ez Dripper mount kit

*Please do not use DIY or Acidic Juices


As you can see by the images below I have been using some of my own mixes and they are a 70/30 PG/VG. The one I was sent seems to seeps liquid from where the bottom meets the cylinder on the bottom and the follower does not seem to move. While it seems to work ok the leaking is driving me nuts. I am still using it at this time and maybe in search of a nicer setup if anyone is using anything like this.


EZ Dripper

Follower above the liquid

** EDIT 8/30/2019** Now that I have been using this for a couple of weeks I can say that it likes a 75/25 or higher VG/PG. I did have an issue where the chrome collar came off of the applicator, but I fixed that with some Gorilla glue. You will notice from the attached pictures that the follower is working with these higher VG liquids.